At Locus we offer our customers friendly and reliable service. We take every customers individual needs into consideration. Our service does not end with a signing of the lease contract, we function as a link between the landlord and the tenant during the whole rental period. We convey hundreds of apartments each year which has provided us with a wide and loyal customer base. We also have experience in brokerage of office spaces.

How do we proceed?

We start by looking at the condition of the apartment after which we give the landlord an estimate of what would be the appropriate rent. We also use this situation to take pictures of the apartment to be used for marketing purposes. If the apartment is in need of renovations we recommend reliable help.

After we have acquired all the information we need regarding the apartment, we proceed with marketing the object on the Internet and local newspapers. We also contact our longstanding partners which are often able to recommend reliable and pleasant candidates.

We conduct a throughout background check, including credit information, on all our possible candidates. We always describe the candidates to the landlords and give our recommendations even though the landlord is the one who makes the final decision about the desired new tenant. On average it takes us 2-4 weeks to find suitable tenants.

When the decision regarding the new tenant is final, it is time for signing of the lease contracts. Our rental contracts are based on the Act on Residential Leases, Finnish Law and standard praxis. During the years the contract has been polished and developed into a more comprehensive and secure version for all parties. We always make sure the collateral is paid accordingly and help with other practical details such as handing over the keys etc.

Inspection of the condition of the apartment is also something we can help with. The inspection is commonly done before the new tenants move in.

We also help our customers that are looking for apartments for investment purposes, to find the best and most profitable solutions.

We are part of Suomen Kiinteistönvälittäjäliitto [A]. (Finnish Real Estate Federation)


Our Comission for rental apartment is 1,24 x the monthly rent (incl.vat 24%). The fee is fully tax-deductible. Only when the assignment (uppdrag) results in a lease contract, a commission is collected. In the case that the apartment is rented as an official residence to a company, the lease commission can be paid by the tenant.